Central bank listed in Hongkong raised more than HK $7 billion 100 million

2017-07-24 13:17:28 admin 10

, China News Agency, Zhengzhou, July (reporter Dong Fei) - Henan's largest city commercial bank - Central Bank 19, was successfully listed on the stock exchange of Hongkong on 19.

Zhongyuan bank released the news on the same day. The shares of the bank code 1216, the offering price of HK $2.45 per share, issued a total of 3 billion 300 million shares of H shares, fund-raising about 7 billion 115 million Hong Kong dollars.

it is reported that the central bank intends to raise funds for strengthening the capital base of banks to support continued growth in banking.


central bank prospectus information, the listing introduced three cornerstone investors, an aggregate of approximately 1 billion 622 million shares; Listed Co sponsors were CITIC CLSA, Moldova, CCB international and CMB international.

was founded in December 2014 by the Central Bank of China, which was formed by 13 local city commercial banks in Henan province. Listed for more than two years, the bank in Henan province network layout intensive, the current business outlets reached 439. According to

China CBRC Henan authority statistics show that in 2016 the central bank total assets, total deposits, total loans and equity issuance in the city commercial banks in Henan province ranked first.

, chairman of the Central Plains Bank of China, said Dou Rongxing, the listing of Hong Kong, the bank to achieve its own development, support and services to the local economy has far-reaching strategic significance. Will be listed as an opportunity to focus on the "traditional business features, innovative business to find a breakthrough, the future of business to lead" three development strategies, as soon as possible to achieve "China's first-class commercial banks" development vision. (finished)