Let finance become an important driving force for economic development

2017-07-24 13:17:37 admin 26

in from July 14th to 15th, the national financial work conference was held in Beijing, and general secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. The light produced by the network learning [moment] column, today invited the chief economist of the tube kiyotomo Minsheng financial think tank, asked him to talk about the speech understanding.  


netizens, Hello, welcome to the Guangming "learning moments", I am the tube kiyotomo. Today, I will join with you to study the important contents of the fifth national financial work conference, and to give you an interpretation and share of the three tasks of general secretary Xi Jinping. The three tasks of

are to serve the real economy, to prevent and control financial risks and to deepen financial reform. The service entity economy is actually a solution to the relationship between finance and the real economy. Why did you ask that question? This is because over the years the development of the financial and the real economy appeared disjointed, the asset bubble problem, financial idling problems, virtually also increased the cost of financing the real economy, is not conducive to us on the supply side structural reform proposed "drop into the" implementation. Therefore, the service entity economy, in fact, allows the entire financial industry, financial services to return to the source, and truly to the real economy. This requires that the financial industry in all formats should be in accordance with its origin to serve, rather than pan financial development. The second task of

is to prevent and control financial risks. When the financial and the real economy are out of line, they will bring financial risks. This financial risk is not only in China, but also in the major economies all over the world. This is closely related to the widespread adoption of quantitative easing in countries around the world since 2008. The micro level, relatively the leverage ratio is higher, these companies and related financial institutions, banks, trust, brokerage, once these enterprises, capital chain problems, it is possible to spread to all the main debt chain. The risk of accumulation, its impact can not be ignored, so we must take resolute measures to prevent the risk from the top. The third task of

is to deepen financial reform. In order to cope with the problem of disconnection between the financial and the real economy, to prevent and control financial risks, we must deepen the reform of the financial system. The financial work will actually define macro Prudential management. That is to say, different financial entities should be supervised in a unified financial framework to prevent the risks arising from the regulatory vacuum. Therefore, the meeting proposed the establishment of the financial stability development committee of the State Council, which will play a very big role, and also help us solve the financial and real economy out of line, the accumulation of financial risks.