The SFC has imposed administrative penalties for 2 cases

2017-07-24 13:17:28 admin 17

1 insider trading case, Huang Moutao Department of Yibin paper Limited by Share Ltd (referred to as ST paper) share transfer agreement was lifted items of this insider information insider. Ding Shu and Huang Moutao have a close relationship and live together. In insider information sensitive period, Ding pin control use its own securities account, sell "ST appropriate paper" 38500 shares, avoid damage amount of about 136 thousand yuan. Ding Shu of the above acts in violation of the "Securities Law" article seventy-third, the provisions of article seventy-sixth, on the basis of the "Securities Law" provisions of article 202nd, the Sichuan securities regulatory bureau decided to confiscate the illegal income of about 136 thousand yuan Ding Shu, in addition to about 136 thousand yuan fine.


1 private equity fund illegal case, by investigation, business in Guangdong Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to in the venture investment enterprises) Guangzhou seed management (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the seed Investment Fund) and Guangzhou Chong Yi Cui angel investment enterprises (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to in the Chuang Yi Cui Fund) fund did not apply for filing procedures according to the provisions; in 17 non qualified sales business to budding fund investors, Cui Yi fund set to 2 non qualified investors in the sales; in venture investment fund and its own sales record in the bud Cui Yi in the process of fund, did not take the questionnaire investigation, the ability to identify risks to investors and the ability to assess risk, investors did not request a written commitment to meet the qualified investor conditions . In business the violation of "private investment fund supervision and management Interim Measures" eighth, eleventh, fourteenth and sixteenth shall, according to the "Interim Measures" of the private investment fund supervision and management of the provisions of article thirty-eighth, the Guangdong securities regulatory bureau decided to order in large business to correct, given a warning and imposed a fine of 30 thousand yuan; to give a warning to the directly responsible person in charge of Zheng Guihui, Geng Xuehui, and were fined 20 thousand yuan.

Securities Regulatory Commission stressed that these acts violated securities and futures laws and regulations, undermined the order of the market, we must resolutely crack down. The Commission will adhere to the law, comprehensive and strict supervision, crack down on illegal activities of securities and futures, and escort the long-term stable and healthy development of the securities and futures market.