The rate of non-performing loans of commercial banks will be stable in the short and medium term

2017-07-24 13:17:37 admin 26

report pointed out that, in a variety of factors wrestling, commercial banks non-performing loan ratio will fluctuate slightly in the short term, the overall stability. Although the Fed's "shrink table" path and time is not clear, but it will still be a future period of high probability events. Affected by this, the dollar against the RMB exchange rate will increase the pressure, China may also gradually tighten monetary policy, prompting rising interest rates, increase some of the business cost and debt risk, promote the non-performing rate of uplink. But at the same time, Chinese urbanization continues to accelerate, the development of new industry gathering ability and blossom everywhere, and constantly improve the management level of enterprises, strengthen the anti risk ability of the corresponding source, reduce non-performing loans.

report put forward that the quality of the medium and long-term loans still exists. In terms of the structure of non-performing loans, secondary loans accounted for 0.7% of the peak in the first quarter of 2016, down 0.82% in the four quarter. The proportion of doubtful and loss loans has been on the rise, reaching 0.77% and 0.28% respectively in the four quarter, an increase of 0.08 percentage points respectively. This change means that banks increased efforts to dispose of non-performing loans, and bank profits digestion of subprime loans, and commercial banks at the end of the season will increase non-performing loans and short-term data verification efforts, improve does not mean that banks have been bailed out.

report analysis said that China's non-performing loan ratio is still at an international low level, from 2009 to 2013, China's commercial banks non-performing loan ratio of about 1%, close to the lowest level worldwide. In the first quarter of 2017, the index was 2.16 percentage points lower than the world average, only 0.71 percentage points higher than that in North america. With the deepening of economic restructuring, the NPL ratio will remain within normal limits even if there is an increase. The

report concluded that the decline in non-performing loan ratio reflects the effort and effect of stimulating domestic demand in urbanization and improving the quality of assets in the banking sector. In the short and medium term, due to various factors, the rate of non-performing loans of commercial banks will remain small fluctuations, overall stability. The prospect of long-term trend, countries affected by the macroeconomic slowdown, construction and disposal system of non-performing assets is relatively lagged impact of non-performing loans of commercial banks in the international Chinese rate low level there is still a reasonable increase in space. (finished)