Jumped in 2017 "fortune" world 500

2017-07-24 13:17:37 admin 44

7 20, at 8 in the evening, Fortune magazine released the world's top 500 list in 2017. Ba Wei Group to turnover of 75 billion 776 million U. S. dollars ranked eighty-sixth, ranking 5 last year, continued to rise year after year.

Ba Wei began to declare the "wealth" of the world's top 500 since 2010, the year to enter the world top 500, ranked 395th, after years of sharp rise in 2011, ranked 346th in 2012 ranked 233rd in 2013 ranked 187th in 2014 ranked 143rd in 2015 ranked 115th, jumped to ninety-first in 2016, ranked eighty-sixth in 2017 in eight years, ranked 309. In 2016, the group achieved a turnover of 503 billion 400 million yuan (the same below), an increase of 4.6%; total profit of 48 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 9.9%; net profit of 33 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 13.3%. By the end of 2016, the group had a total assets of 11000 yuan, up 10.6% from the end of last year.

currently, PA Wei Group is implementing the "dual engine wings" to support the "13th Five-Year" development strategy, in accordance with the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing ", the overall development of ideas and solid and stronger, well, long", relying on industrial development and capital operation the "double engine" of the force, with the help of internationalization, + Internet "two wings" trend, effectively promote the improvement of asset quality, capital structure optimization, adjust the industrial structure, the layout of the global market and the development of research and innovation, enhance the level of information "six strategic initiatives, and strive to achieve the" performance outperform, business transformation upgrade "goal, create efficiency, create value for shareholders, for the community to create growth space for employees to become popular trust and love the enterprise globalization.

in 2017 Fortune 500 list, China (including Hongkong, Taiwan) list of enterprises on the number of new highs, from last year's 110 to 115. Wei Wei in China (including Hongkong, Taiwan) ranked eighteenth in the list of enterprises.