Insurance participation, trust, warming

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June 27th, Huarong Trust change the registered capital and equity structure, the Great Wall life became its second largest shareholder, so far, the risk capital holdings trust increased to 7. Insiders pointed out that, with the arrival of the era of big information management, financial institutions mixed operation speed up, the future of insurance companies and trust companies to carry out strategic cooperation and mutual participation in the stock will continue. It is worth noting that the use of insurance funds trust the need to identify project risks, according to the amount of funds, the length of time and the insurance company's ability to accept, choose the appropriate trust products.

" Prudential cooperation continued warming

Xinjiang Banking Bureau before the date of approval of Huarong Trust change of registered capital and shareholding structure application. Huarong Trust agreed to increase 2 billion 400 million yuan, including the the Great Wall life insurance Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "the Great Wall life") to invest 1 billion 600 million yuan, after the change, the the Great Wall life became the second largest shareholder shareholding Huarong Trust, Huarong Trust 14.64%, the registered capital of 2 billion 369 million yuan to 3 billion 36 million yuan. Huarong Trust Company

said that the issue of trust products and other daily deals with the Great Wall life development, helps to broaden the company investment channels of insurance funds, which is conducive to the development of the investment business, increase profit opportunities, provide a better investment returns for the shareholders of the company, and the investment resources integration in the system, to further enhance the company's brand value.

in recent years, insurance companies and trust companies "hand" is more frequent, in addition to the the Great Wall life and Huarong Trust and cooperation, China Life Group holding 26.04% stake in Chongqing trust, investment trust, Taikang Life stake, holding 35% stake in Tianjin togan, Ampang insurance letter state insurance holding 5.26%, etc..

" at present, Prudential cooperation has three main business types: the first one is the equity investment, equity control is to broaden the channels of second other follow-up; insurance funds docking trust assets, expand the channels for the use of insurance funds; the third is the trust financial products, such as insurance trust.

in the industry view, with the arrival of the era of big information management, financial institutions mixed operation speed. Allowed to venture capital investment capital trust insurance trust resources will increase the competitiveness in a certain extent, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in the background, to carry out strategic cooperation and mutual share of future insurance companies and trust companies will continue. From the current venture capital holdings 7 trust point of view, the letter of cooperation still has great room for development.

from the development trend perspective, the trust industry is in a critical period of transition, facing the problems of the traditional financing business contraction, product yield decreased and the lack of large institutional clients, the trust industry to implement business innovation; while the insurance funds are restricted by the insurance contract, foreign investment income is too low, in the current bank interest rates down bond yields, in the downlink channel under the background of insurance companies face a large amount of capital stock and the new premium need to seek more effective investment channels, through Prudential cooperation will help to solve these problems. At the same time, insurance companies also hope that through the start of more licenses, such as trust, licenses, etc., to build financial holding group, through more non insurance business, increase the diversity of financial services.

is a collection of insurance funds may invest the trust plan has four main policy specification: one is "indirect investment of insurance funds management measures" pilot infrastructure projects, infrastructure projects, which allows the insurance trust asset investment trust plan; the two is the "notice" on the insurance funds to invest in infrastructure debt investment plans and the provisions of the insurance funds available for trust companies to set up the "infrastructure debt investment plan"; three is the "notice" on the investment of insurance funds on financial products, to allow insurance funds investment trust company issued capital trust plan; four is the "indirect investment of insurance funds in infrastructure project management approach", it broadens the insurance funds can invest in infrastructure projects in the industry scope, increase the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) and other feasible investment Pattern。 "Through a series of normative documents, we can see that with the gradual liberalization of regulatory policies, the scope of insurance funds to invest in trust products will gradually expand." China Insurance Regulatory Commission said. The advantages of

from the point of view, the insurance company has a large number of long-term low-cost funds, institutional investors and customers stable project source, is the main source of funding of grafted low cost and quality of the project, can become a potential resource of trust company. A trust company has a wide scope of investment, flexible system and licence for financial advantage, can cross the capital market, money market, industrial market asset allocation, to carry out financing, equity investment, asset management and other financial businesses, can well compensate for insurance firms themselves short board, this is the one of the reasons for the pursuit of. Study on financial

the State Council Development Research Center, Professor Zhu Junsheng said that the trust company capital replenishment channels compared to other financial institutions, in addition to enhance the profitability of accumulation, need capital to shareholders or the introduction of strategic investors, to speed up the capital strength increase. Moreover, some trust companies are still more concerned about the expansion of the scale, which will quickly consume capital, the future sustained rapid development, but also the need to continue to increase capital investment.

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